How to Choose The Right Color For Your Floors

Whether it’s time for a remodel or you’re building your dream home, you deserve to create a space that you’ll love for many years. That’s why it’s important to select the perfect flooring. Flooring is an investment that can last many decades, or even a lifetime, depending on what you…

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Why Buy Waterproof Flooring

Floor sweeping | Joe’s Floor Store

Water is inevitable. No matter how careful you are sometimes spills happen. Your floors shouldn’t suffer because your kid likes to play pirate in the bathtub or if your loved ones aren’t the best at remembering to dry off after swimming before traipsing through the house. You also shouldn’t have…

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The Best Floors For A Ranch Style Design

Ranch-style homes lend themselves perfectly to chic, rustic styles. Whether you have a contemporary taste or prefer to feel like you’re living in the Wild West, the right floors can turn a project house into a home you’ll never want to leave. So, we’ve put together a list of some…

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How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Protect Your Hardwood Floors | Joe’s Floor Store

Hardwood floors aren’t just beautiful, they’re also an investment in your home’s long-term value. Whether they were there when you moved in or you scrimped and saved to have them laid, your hardwoods are worth protecting. Luckily, keeping your floors shiny and new isn’t hard. Our hardwood experts put together…

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How To Layer Area Rugs On Carpet

Bedroom flooring | Joe’s Floor Store

The next thing you do after having your hard surface floors installed is to find that perfect area rug to complete your room. But, if you have wall-to-wall carpet in a room, you may not have even considered adding an area rug. After all, carpeting gives you softness and comfort…

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Maximalism Style & Why We Love It

Living room interior | Joe’s Floor Store

If you’re looking for a new design that will add lots of personality and color to a room in your home, Maximalism could bring the wow factor that you’re looking for! The opposite of Minimalism’s less-is-more aesthetic, Maximalism leans the other direction with its more-is-more sensibility. Instead of crisp white…

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